Don’t expect masculine street cred, and please be aware that you are no way an edgy first mover. Sourdough is sooo 2009.

Tamagotchi_0124_ubtThat said: Prepare for a great hobby project. Sourdough has a geeky appealSourdough (baking) is somewhere between a Tamagotchi and a Raspberry Pi: You have to treat it well, and there are endless possibilities.

The king of Sourdough in Denmark is Claus Meyer, chef and businessman. In his book he describes how he have sometimes left meeting, or split a busy day plan in two to rush home and check up on his precious sourdough. Very geeky.

Sourdough chart popularity (1)

Sourdough is a stable culture of lactic acid bacteria (LAB) and yeast in a mixture of flour and water. Broadly speaking, the yeast produces gas (carbon dioxide) which leavens the dough, and the LAB produces lactic acid which contributes flavor. The LAB metabolizes sugars that the yeast cannot, and the yeast metabolizes byproducts of LAB fermentation. Biology and chemistry of sourdough, Wikipedia.

Vintage Magimix in the house

I got this as a great holiday present to myself: An old school, charming Magimix 5100. Lid is broke. Work Bowl has seen better days. Accessories in good condition, including juice extractor. Got everything for around Euro 25 (~USD 30).

Now time to look for good prize on spare parts (a least for the lid) and a possible fix for the work bowl and see for how it will stand the test of time. Even if I have to buy both it still looks like a good deal (I hope….). Wonder for how long Magimix will provide spare parts for the 5100.

Juice extractor: Approved!

Magimix - juicer

Will it blend? Oh yes!

Time to take the vintage machine (Magimix 5100) for a spin. Almost as exiting as turning the key in an old car, I guess. Motor makes a wonderful humming sound, turning half a kilo of chickpeas into hummus in no time.

Magimix - blender














Chocolate Meringues

4 organic egg whites
A little salt,
100 gram sugar
50 – 100 gram dark quality chocolate
4 spoons cocoa powder (the good stuff)
Organic ice cream
Pink Fluff

  1. Whip eggs and salt, then suger – use at least a hand mixer (as I do). Takes time still… 10+ min. Better with a food processor (or other powerful gadget).
  2. When kindda solid mix with cocoa and chopped chokolade (using a spoon).
  3. In oven around 45 – 60 min @ 300°F / 150°C.