ADA – the perfect baby monitor?

The perfect baby monitor does not exist, but it may be on its way. You can help make it happen.

Are you tired of your baby alarm being basically a stupid walkie talkie that uncritically disturbs you with the sound of bird whistle and garbage trucks? Look out for Team ADA – a Danish startup company, founded by fathers set out to build a better baby monitor.

What really sets this baby monitor apart from the competitors is its ability to filter out irrelevant noise so you are not disturbed by anything else than when your baby actually needs attention. This is huge. This is AI for the people.

“We’re a bunch of tech nerds, designers, lawyers, communicators, and engineers. All on the same mission: to build the ultimate baby monitor that gives parents a well-deserved break ”
ADA’s current crowdfunding campaign


The baby monitor uses a telephone as a receiver. In fact, you can pair to with multiple phones so multiple parents can use it simultaneously. It makes life easier, as the transmitter unit can follow the baby, and the receiver is always at hand for the individual parent, as their phone is typically glued to their body, anyway.

Besides the core audio functionality, the included app can also detect sleep patterns. I imagine the developers will add more functionality over time. For example, I would be brilliant if they could integrate the alarm with a music service on the phone or with a gaming console, so you can turn up the music or take a brisk beat Gears 5 without feeling like an irresponsible parent.

ADA promotion video.

The name Ada

The name ADA is not a reference to Ada Lovelace (mathematician, programmer, born in 1815 long before TikTok and Bluetooth). The company named the product after the daughter of one founder; the company informs on their Facebook page.


The company is now seeing funding to realize the project to get the product on the market in December 2021. The goal is to raise €30.000 through crowdfunding on Indiegogo – thereby invited you to help make it happen.


  • Up to 700 meters range via Bluetooth! Really impressive if they actually achieve that. If so it really makes sense using your phone as the receiver unit, and it will save a lot of headaches. With a traditional baby monitor, the receiver unit is never nowhere to be found, while I always keep my phone within reach.
  • Charging with USB-C! Because this is the year 2020, and because USB-C is the new standard which, unlike micro-USB, cannot be inserted wrong. USB-C makes the world a better place, one USB-C connector at a time. Kudos to ADA contributes to this. Several companies could learn from that.
  • The sound quality is 256 kbps. That’s very solid and perhaps set to show off. It’s a lot better than when I used ripping music back in the 00s – back in the days when some people still thought a blank disc was the way to enjoy digital music. Now we have baby cry in a quality that I think Neil Young would approve ?. The connection is of course encrypted.
  • 200-hour standby time.

The developers assure us that the product is of course non-toxic and “low radiation” which is probably a relevant statement in the hysterical 5G times we live in.

“Super Early Bird”

Sound appealing? Now is the time to act. The price for a “super early bird ” is EUR 80 (half price). You can also support the project with 20 Euro, which will get you a tote bag, or throw a like on ADA’s Facebook page and spread the news.

For the sake of transparency: I do not have any relations to ADA – neither to in the product itself nor the current crowdfunding campaign. All the above is a simple mix of personal enthusiasm and work injury concerning promising start-up companies.

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