ADA – the perfect baby monitor?

The perfect baby monitor does not exist, but it may be on its way. You can help make it happen.

Are you tired of your baby alarm being basically a stupid walkie talkie that uncritically disturbs you with the sound of bird whistle and garbage trucks? Look out for Team ADA – a Danish startup company, founded by fathers set out to build a better baby monitor.

What really sets this baby monitor apart from the competitors is its ability to filter out irrelevant noise so you are not disturbed by anything else than when your baby actually needs attention. This is huge. This is AI for the people.

“We’re a bunch of tech nerds, designers, lawyers, communicators, and engineers. All on the same mission: to build the ultimate baby monitor that gives parents a well-deserved break ”
ADA’s current crowdfunding campaign

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Open letter to (virtual) coach Amy

To: Coach Amy @The interwebs
CC: Greg, Jeff, Mothership Garmin

Dear Amy,

I am thrilled to have met you, and it’s an honor you accepted my invitation to live inside my computer for a while.

You keep me motivated and on my toes. You give me clear guidance, and you organize things for me – even when I have to skip a training session (planning is not always easy with a baby). I feel confident about reaching my goals. Thank you!

I’m worried

This is all possible because I trust you and assume you (being my coach) have access to all relevant information and tools.

But! There’s something I don’t understand, and it makes me worried:

Why did you ask that?

The first time we meet, you asked me about my running habits (sessions per week and totals).

Maybe you were simply being polite, but it still puzzles me, since you could simply have asked Mothership Garmin.

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