Floppy is the new vinyl (and Windows 10 is ready for it)

Hooray! My old floppy drive plays nice with Windows 10.

Windows 10 floppy

Lucky me. Floppy is the new vinyl. In a couple of years, the most significant artist will publish their music exclusively on a floppy.

Offline and 1,44 MB will be considered a refreshing creative constraint (a little like the 140 character limit on Twitter or the square format of Instagram back in the old days).

Hipsters will meet up to exchange music at underground copy parties, discussing mono/stereo, bitrates and mp3/Ogg. Edgy DJs with multi-colored (and even transparent) floppies from Japan are the kings and queens of music, setting the dance floor on fire the 64 Kbps way. Forget the “Mile high club”. “High-density” night club is the place to be.

A tech giant will shut down their otherwise popular streaming service and reintroduce 3,5” floppy in their newest gadget. The rise of the Floppy-Man<tm> will mark the beginning of a new era. Bye-bye Pono Music and all the rest. The preferred format for the new generation includes magnets.

You heard it here for the first time. You are welcome.